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CASCADE:- USA . Average Alpha 4-5%
Excellent flavouring hops with floral, spicy and slightly citric overtones.
CLUSTER:- USA Average Alpha 6-8%
Americas most popular bittering hops. Medium spicy aroma & flavour.
FUGGLES:- UK Average Alpha 4-5%
Great in any British style beers.
GOLDINGS:- UK Average Alpha 3.5-4.5%
Another English all-rounder. More aroma than Fuggles.
HALLERTAUER:- Germany Average Alpha 8%
Used in most classic European Lagers.
HERSBRUCKER:- Germany Average Alpha 3.5%
Great aroma and flavour.
NORTHERN BREWER:- UK Average Alpha 7.5% - 9.0
A classic English bittering hops.
PERLE:- Germany Average Alpha 6.0% ? 9.0%
Fine flavouring and aromatics.
PRIDE OF RINGWOOD:- Australia Average Alpha 9%
The great Aussie all-rounder. Excellent for bittering, flavour and aroma. Used in most Australian commercial beers.
SAAZ:- Czechoslovakia Average Alpha 4%
Great flavour & aroma. A must for a Czech style pilsner.
SUPER ALPHA::- NZ Average Alpha 12%
European style with high bitterness.
TETTNANGER:- Germany Average Alpha 5%
A great aroma hop with good flavour.
WILLAMETTE:- USA Average Alpha 5-6%
Fuggles American cousin.
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