How To Bulk Prime My Bottles

One of the biggest problems with home brewing is getting the right amount of priming sugar into your bottles.
Apart from the mess left behind from spilled sugar there is the problem of how much to use. Not enough sugar and your brew doesn’t have enough fizz, add too much and it’s too fizzy. Miss a bottle and it ends up flat, double up on one and it becomes your very own weapon of mass destruction.

Our sugar measures make it easier by giving you the exact amount of sugar needed for either a stubbie or 750ml bottle.
Our Carbonation Drops are a great no mess option for bottling stubbies, 750ml or 1.25l bottles.

A problem arises when we start bottling “non standard” bottle sizes or want to vary the carbonation to suit the style. Grolsch bottles, extra large 800ml long necks and the 500ml European “stubbies” all cause brewers to scratch their heads and either guess or resort to a calculator and scales to bottle a brew. The answer to all our bottling problems is here….BULK PRIMMING. A simple, clean, effective way of ensuring each bottle gets the exact amount of priming sugar no matter what size it is.


  • A full (30 750ml bottle) brew,
  • a second fermenter with tap,
  • 1.5m of catering grade plastic tubing and a tap adaptor tube,
  • 6g per litre dextrose or sugar.


Dissolve the dextrose in 500ml of boiling water and add to the empty fermenter (make sure the tap is closed, don’t laugh I forgot once and ended up with about 8 litres of stout all over the kitchen floor!!!). Connect the hose to your full fermenter using the adaptor tube and put the other end into the second fermenter. Open the tap and drain the upper fermenter into the lower one. Stir then bottle immediately from the second fermenter.

Six grams of sugar or dextrose per litre is for medium carbonation.

You can also adjust the level of carbonation in your beers by adding to or removing from the amount of dextrose you use.

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