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Fresh Wort Kits Print E-mail
The people at ND Brewing have got together with the St Peters Brewery to produce the Brewers Selection Fresh Wort kit. These are the ultimate in home brew kits giving you an first class beer without any of the mess or fuss of all grain brewing. The guys at the brewery have gone to all the trouble of producing an all grain beer but instead of pitching the yeast they have racked them off into 15l containers. All you need to do is add 5 litres of water, the Fresh Wort kit and the yeast to your fermenter and ferment as you normally do.


***On-line customers please note that due to the weight of the Fresh Wort kits special delivery arrangements may need to be made. Please email us with where you are and how many you need so we can organise a delivery quote for you.***
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