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How To Use The Hydrometer Print E-mail
Your hydrometer is used to measure the specific gravity (density) of your brew. It can be used to see if your yeast has finished converting the sugars into alcohol and it can also be used to calculate the approximate alcohol per volume of your beer.
- Remove one of the caps from the hydrometers tube and remove the hydrometer and the paper insert.
- Drain about 5cm of liquid through your tap into the tube and throw away. (This sample will contain some solids that can throw the reading out).
- Fill the tube up to 5cm from the top and put the hydrometer in thick end first.
- Hold up the tube so you can see where the liquid crosses the hydrometer. The place where the hydrometer, air and water meet is where you take your reading. If that place is on the line marked 10 your reading is 1.010. If it is the stripe 2 lines below the 10 it is 1.014 etc.
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