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Malt Extract & Sugar Blends Print E-mail
Amber pack.
Light malt 300g/Dark Malt 200g/dextrose 500g.
Produces a rich amber finish typical of English Ales & Bitters.

Body Pack.
Dextrose 600g/Maltodextron 400g,
Quick to start & easy to ferment gives better body, mouth feel and head retention than regular sugar without affecting the flavour of your kit.

Booster Pack.
Dextrose500g/Light Malt 250g/ Maltodextron 250g
Adds flavour, improves body, mouth feel and head retention.

Corn Sugar. Used instead of regular sugar it ferments faster giving less chance of off flavours, creates less sediment and gives a cleaner dryer finish.

The non-fermentable sugar from milk. Used to sweeten beer and increase body. Generally used at the rate of 250g to 500g per brew. Bring 1 litre of water to the boil then stir till clear. Add as part of your hot water.

Malt extract.
The main ingredient in beer it comes from malted barley. Comes in light, amber and extra dark. The more colour it has the longer it has been roasted and the ?maltier? the flavour. Available in Dry or Liquid.

Derived from wheat starch. Gives better body, mouth feel and head retention than regular sugar as well as having less effect on the flavour.

Stout Pack
Dark malt 500g / light malt 250g / maltodextrin 250g.
A special mix for stouts, dark ales or add to your favorite lager to make a great Bock.

Ultra Pack
Light Powdered Malt 500g/Maltodextrine 250g/ Dextrose 250g
For a heavier, more flavorsome European style finish to your beer.

Wheat Malt
The essential ingredient in a wheat beer. Always used in conjunction with barley malt. Our dry wheat malt is a blend of 55% wheat malt and 45% barley malt .Adding 250g to an ale or lager will improve head retention.

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