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The scale of acidity and alkalinity in beers.
Add yeast to wort.
Primary Fermentation
Initial fermentation after yeast is added to wort.
Protein Rest
A temperature rest during the mashing process. Mainly done to avoid chill haze.
Transferring beer from one vessel to another, normally by a hose.
Specific Gravity. The measuring of density in beer.
Secondary Fermentation
Fermentation that occurs in either a second fermenter or in the bottle.
Using hot water to remove the remaining sugars from the grain bed.
Sparg Arm
A device used to spray heated water over the grain bed.
Specialty Grain
Grains used mainly for adding colour and flavour. Some examples are Chocolate, Crystal, Roasted Black Malt.
The process of soaking cracked grain in hot water.
Step Infusion
A method of mashing grain that uses two or more temperatures.
Sweet Wort
A common name for wort before hops are added.
Yeast strains that rise to the top of the fermenter. Mainly Ale yeasts.
Torrified Wheat
Wheat that has been ?puffed? by rapid heating. Often used in Belgian Wit beers and in English ales for head retention.
Any pot used in the mashing, sparging or boiling beer.
Unfermented beer.
A micro-organism used to produce alcohol.
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